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The ten most important household appliances in everyday life


What would we be without refrigerator, washing machine, electric cooker or kettle? If we are honest, so we everyday is quite simply designed in modern times. Did our grandmothers and grandfathers in their youth still in a very different way to clean their clothes or fix up the food. What is true today as a matter of course, not even 100 years ago was pure luxury. How important are the various household appliances and how to effectively deal with them, is set out below.

First up is the refrigerator. Without him, we would certainly have a problem, most foods do but truly only at a temperature of 6 ° C or even less. Otherwise, just the expiration date is not met and the food spoil. Just as important as the refrigerator is the combination of a cooling-freezing plant, which is now offered in a variety. This freezer we can make food last longer and so store for the future. Now If you imagine a life without refrigerator ago, it would be for most people simply unthinkable, because although there were primitive cooling houses centuries ago several 100, they had to be cooled with expensive blocks of ice. We get the cooling today via socket and thus also save money, as long as we pay attention to energy-saving devices.

In the second place, the washing machine. Without this device it would literally look out of the clothes, because who would want at the present time even his laundry on a wild river or a washtub clean? Whether a classic washing machine, Single washing machine, a top loader or a family machine with 6 kg capacity – the choice of models, colors and energy-efficient equipment is enormous. Although next to the cleanliness of course the price is important, you should absolutely see water- and electricity-saving procedure.

No less important is the dishwasher – in almost every household, in the workplace and even in kindergartens will find this appliance. The diverse use of cups, glasses, plates and pots falls naturally also an enormous amount of dishes to wash up on. How much easier it is now but to ship the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and leave the device work? Surely it should be noted, for which wash program you eventually decide: whether short program, intensive program or austerity program – the selection is enormous and with a small amount of water also one does also the nature and the purse something good.


Every day we carry dirt in our apartment – a high on the vacuum cleaner, the preserved depending on the quality and performance we have gross contamination. Previously had carpets are rapped, today there are devices with bag without bag – for with holding tanks and wattages, which enables us to put on simple way the dust and dirt in their own homes to grips. Which cleaner is ideal for individuals can be found through a test or price comparison.

In this rank is the electric stove, without which it would be almost unthinkable for us to live. In combination with an oven, it allows it to cook us day by day the choicest food, bake, roast and heat – if you have mastered the art of cooking. During many decades ago still a chunky cast furnace graced the households, we may today boast with modern, energy-saving household appliances, which can be operated depending on taste with cast iron plates, an induction plate or with gas. Each certainly has its advantages and disadvantages, it should be noted in any case that to save power, the hob and the oven can be very useful.


Apart from all these devices for a variety of people, a life without this device hardly conceivable: the coffee. For many, the morning would be a horrible idea without a coffee. But imagine times, you would have your coffee in the morning brew by hand. Quite easily done this appliance the work for you by pressing a button. A little water, a coffee filter and the desired amount of fresh Arabica coffee are of distress and you have the perfect coffee to start awake and fresh in everyday life. Whether this is a traditional coffee maker, a coffee pad machine or a coffee machine, in addition to the various programs with a milk froth function conjures up the perfect morning coffee is up to you. The choice is vast, offering huge – here the consumer has quite simply spoiled for choice of coffee.

This place is part of the microwave. Now you might wonder why you need this appliance when it has an electric stove. In fact, many people can not do without this electronic device, it makes us the previously cooked food quickly brought back warm, barbecued the refrigerator stored chicken thighs crispy or helps the food during the thawing. Whether small microwave for the bachelor household or family-style devices with grill – microwave can cook warm, defrost, disinfect even different items and thanks invisible microwaves generate heat, this means water constituents. Technique which simply thrilled.


At this point we find the kettle again. Even with this appliance, it is easy and practical living, boiled water in no time by means of a heating coil and thus provided for a variety of ways. For what need this water is ultimately used, basically does not matter – you have the hot water ready very quickly if you are in a hurry. And this is a decisive argument just at the present time.

The mixer can be found on this ranking again. Whether as a large household appliance, as when multiple chopper, hand mixer or blender – the mixer is available and very useful in different variants. With it, you can not only vegetables and fruit crush or bring to desired consistency, even sauces can pureed ice, produced pulps, ground nuts and cake batters are mixed. The possibilities are endless and that makes the mixer also unique. Its use cooking is a breeze, making the food a culinary event.


The steamer is becoming increasingly popular – so this place it’s been bestowed. By little energy, with little time for the housewife, a simple technique of steam cooker is a household appliance that captured within a short time the popularity in the kitchens. It saves time and energy, most of the parts of your oven can be cleaned in the dishwasher, and the taste is due to the natural steam cooking simply unbeatable.

This selection of 10 major domestic appliances in everyday life is of course individual. Depending on your lifestyle and personal preferences that appliance are assessed differently by the various properties, however, almost every household appliance has found a certain place in our lives.

Power consumption of household appliances

In each household, so some household appliances are present. The very different insert-able devices are simply indispensable. Most household appliances are in the kitchen. Ranging from the somewhat smaller devices, such as the coffee, the kettle, the toaster, the blender, the electric knife, the bread slicer, the microwave to the large equipment, such as the stove, the refrigerator and the dishwasher. This is just a small sample of the many, various and different usable household appliances in the kitchen.

A great relief brings the washing machine when washing clothes, but also for drying the laundry can bring the dryer as another household appliance in use. Also to be found in almost every household now a sewing machine. When sewing you should definitely at his workplace a floor lamp up, therefore one has sufficient light and can work with good brightness.

Even for floor cleaning, there are electrical devices, such as the steam cleaner. This is to be taken at the same time for window cleaning or ironing operation. Through this variety of household appliances one working in the house is considerably easier and saves time. It would be rather comparable to or difficult to imagine to do without this progress.

But one should not ignore that many electrical devices also consume a lot of electricity. Here, one should adequately consider when purchasing home appliances, whether really all devices are also needed. You can bake as his bread in the oven and do not use the bread machine. Another example would be the egg cooker, you can cook his eggs in the pot. One should check in any case, how much electricity need the equipment, whether it makes sense to to purchase such a device or another alternative (see example) takes place.

If one has decided to buy an electrical appliance, so there are from different manufacturers, devices with varying power consumption. Informs you sufficiently, it can be preserved in everyday life not only of money, but also the environment. Certainly you have to pay more something in the purchase of a new device, but in the end it pays off in any case, because by the low energy cost has quickly made a profit. Especially with the large devices, it makes sense, because they are taken almost daily in operation and thus saves this most. By uniformly Inappropriate EU energy label, choosing the right equipment is easy. It can be seen on the label immediately the power consumption and the energy efficiency class. If, for example, on the label of class A, so does that mean that this device is very energy efficient. but If for example Class G, it is a device that uses a lot of energy.

Lime and rust household appliances

Who does not know: At bathroom fixtures form permanent calcification – no matter how often you can sweep. Kettle takes longer to heat the water, as a thick layer of lime has formed. The washer uses more energy because depositing on the heating rods lime. For this reason we would like to present some tips against scale and rust.

But what really helps to lime? There are different ways to lime proceed. A very popular and useful home remedy is vinegar. Using vinegar can be, for example, very good action against lime in kettles or coffee machines. However, there are also other means to remove lime .

If you live in a region with very hard water, it may offer, for example, to install a water softener for the own budget. Thus the lime problems are not so much, but arising from the purchase of high costs. Prices start at about 1,000 and are open, depending on how much water should be softened toward the top.

It is easier because already, the household appliance to be checked regularly and descaling. In a washing machine should be allowed to carry out the review by a professional. Coffee machine or kettle can be very good but even Descale – for example, with anti or descaler. However, one should pay attention to whether the means to act on biological or chemical basis for the use of descalers.

Defective household appliances

Who does not know that. The mixer is broken, the washing machine is on strike and the kettle is the ghost. What to do?

We live in a throwaway society and think about repair not even long after. The nearest electronics store is visited and we simply buy a new device.

But one owns a home device from a reputable manufacturer like eg Bosch’s worth it to use a repair service in any case. The cost and the quality of the product to justify trying a Bosch service for home appliances to contact. Especially for large appliances such as washing machines and dryers, it is always worthwhile. Almost in every big city, there is a Bosch customer service is accessible around the clock via telephone. That was a great help because the people knew exactly what problems might have my dryer from Bosch. The manufacturer should always be the first point of contact with the repair service for home appliances.

The internet address of an online form which can be used the Bosch repair service order easily. For example, washing machines sales service is very easy to request in this way, with your type number plate of the device you can Bosch offer customer service fast good and competent service.

The online help provides additional information on small and large household appliances Bosch.

Domestic appliances

Washing and ironing are some of the daily tasks in the household. Thank God in this area technology evolves significantly in recent years, so that we no longer have to play with the washboard and the washtub. Household appliances of all kinds are on the market and not only facilitate housewives everyday.

In addition to the washing machine, which is now probably to be found in almost every household, even Dryers are widely used. Here it is important to distinguish between different variants of each other. Particularly widespread are the condensation dryer and the air dryer.

The condenser is also suitable for enclosed spaces because the water or the moisture that it deprives the laundry during drying, is collected in a container integrated in the device. The other variation, the vented dryer needs an exhaust duct to the outside. Through this tube the moist air is conducted to the outside.

Especially for small apartments and single-person households is a washer dryer in question. It is a combination device that includes a washer and dryer. The disadvantage of this device lies in the relatively high power consumption and the relatively small capacity. For large households a washer-dryer is therefore only conditionally recommended.

Another important domestic appliance which has been around for many years, is the iron, called partly straighteners. There are different versions, the one that quite ordinary iron, then the steam iron and very modern: the ironing station. The latter is particularly beneficial at high volumes of laundry, because the high vapor volume and high vapor pressure lead to a significantly measurable time savings compared to conventional steam irons.

Very popular are energy-saving household appliances, especially in recent years. When you purchase equipment, it is advisable to pay attention to the energy efficiency class, as well as to the manufacturer’s specifications for water and electricity consumption.

Almost 65% of households already have a dishwasher. It is this, not only the pure convenience but has far more advantages than manual washing by hand.

The function of a washer

In a dishwasher dirty dishes and corresponding detergents are entered. The dishes are then fully automatically cleaned and dried and can be removed by washing cycle duration and evacuated directly into the cabinet.


What actually happens when you rinse, usually remains hidden. Inside the washing machine are water glands, which release the washing program hot water (depending on the program selected between 45 and 90 °). This already dissolve dirt first. With the detergent and the influent water is then in the dishwasher a liquor formed, which is then in turn given by the nozzles on the dishes. In this way, the remaining contaminants are released from the dishes.

After rinsing the liquor is suctioned off and dishwasher integrated heaters dry the dishes (hence the hot steam when you open the dishwasher). The cleaning is thus ultimately by the interplay of time, temperature, chemical detergents and mechanical action.

The benefits of a dishwasher

First, of course, is the time and labor saving call. rinse Hand is very time consuming. If you want to also always have the kitchen in perfect condition, then requires a repeated rinsing day. The dishwasher can be used dishes directly into the machine and collect there – the kitchen looks characterized from always tidy and you have to start only once the machine is filled to rinsing.

In addition, a washer must not look particularly striking – there are plenty of built-in dishwasher for kitchens that have their front and are detectable only upon closer inspection.

Another advantage of a dishwasher is the saving of water and electricity. Average consumed a dishwasher only half as much water as the washing of hands and about a third less in electricity. This varies depending on the type of rinsing by hand. Hygiene is a dishwasher, also often considerably better than when rinsing by hand.

The demand for modern living that is not only functional convinced but also design something technically makes her has now reached kitchen and bathroom. Standard equipment such as washing machine and Co. are not uniformly white and square, but stand out for unusual shapes and colors, what their technology does not diminish.

We want the round machine, which could be a milestone in any modern bathroom or a vacuum cleaner, which no longer needs to be hidden in a closet or behind the door in the basement, the latest generation to the household appliances which offers extravagant design. Thus, the housework is the ideal statement when the cleaner strikes by the colors of the national flag or the gloss of the American Stars & Stripes something from the American way of life conveys.

Since it is precisely in modern residential area, the separation between the living room and kitchen is becoming increasingly blurred, creates a right to design technically convincing devices. this is all known from the coffee machine, which has long been convinced besides functionality as chic home accessories. Stylish capsule holder which can be mounted on the wall, offer not only space but are rather a decorative element. Even with the comparatively large kitchen appliances such as a dishwasher or oven, attention is paid to design in addition to the emphasis on energy efficiency. So new stove forms do without buttons or switches and with only a display, with which everything can be controlled. The pots can be moved, since the hearth area can automatically detect what is where.

Standard equipment in the household had to convince always been mainly through its technology and application manner. The latest generation, however, know its exclusive design convince, which should also improve the status in all gift lists.