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10 Tips and Tricks for rooms with sloping

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Rooms with sloping ceilings creating a very special living atmosphere that know many appreciate. But it is in addition to all the comfort and to achieve optimal use of space when setting up and designing.

Correct choice of color encourages better liability

Depending on the inclination of the sloping roof, a flat look very dark. Here can be created by choosing the right color and design of the walls remedy. Bright shades in the wall and in the home accessories such as curtains or carpets are visually enlarging and spreading a friendly effect. Who does not like colors on the walls, which can opt for Polar White. A good solution to loosen pitched roof, is also to make it as a picture wall. With the matching eyebolts and screw hooks can be images or photo installations perfectly cling to the sloping roof. The panel with wood panelling lends a special flair, which acts very liveable.

Storage space provides good solution

prevails Especially in rooms with sloping sometimes acute shortage of space. But with a cabinet system to measure allows two claims perfectly executed in one. Place one hand is sufficiently established to stow everything perfect, and on the other hand so even the smallest corners and lowest space to maximum use. Here modular shelving system that can be individually adapted to the personal housing needs and possibly may even be well hidden behind a wardrobe. The incorporation of wall brackets helps to that roof slopes can be perfectly used as storage space. For adjustable shelves to every angle of inclination of the roof surface to fit and can be selected individually in dimension and construction. An important living rule for the design of rooms with sloping ceilings is that light, delicate furniture should be used. For large and dark furniture make a room seem cluttered quickly, so he looks much smaller.

Who has an apartment at current temperatures in the attic, will certainly have the most problems. Not infrequently reach even the indoor temperatures at the moment about 30 degrees. With some tips for life in a cool apartment but is possible.

Darken rooms and ventilate properly

should be airing an apartment only in the very early hours in the morning or late evening. Then, when the air is actually cooled. For suitable time, before making his way to work. Immediately thereafter, however, should the rooms are absolutely darkened. At best, you reach the with shutters or even with an awning over the balcony, which keeps the direct sunlight away. So the apartment remains cool and the warm air does not have any chance to penetrate into their own apartment. The airing should nevertheless not be forgotten. Who airs too late, fetches only even warmer air into the room. Ideally, one airs during a heat storm, when the air is colder in one fell swoop by a few degrees.

Get Cooling aids

Who it still is too hot, which can, for example, get a fan. Even table fans have a tremendous impact and provide a gentle breeze. Even at night, a fan ensures that always blowing a pleasant breeze through the room. However, if you expect cool air, can make do with an air conditioner. An air conditioner, however, is far from cheap but can be a wise acquisition under certain circumstances.

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