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Breakdown in the kitchen: Helpful tips like eating can be saved

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Again and again it happens that in the kitchen, a small mishap or misfortune happened and the dedicated chef must wonder how he saves from eating what can still be saved. Kitchen mishaps see ultimately worse than they actually are. There are numerous tricks to help get the food.

When the pie dough sticks in the rolling, it helps if the dough a little more flour is added. It is even better if the dough for a while disappears in the refrigerator and then placed between two sheets of parchment paper is rolled out is.

It often happens that the soup lumpy. Here helps firm stirring with a whisk. Failing that, the mixer for more movement makes the soup. After the smooth soup is boiled again. Even if the sauce is too thin, help little tricks. Here is boiled bark with the sauce just a slice of bread. Thereafter, the disc is either stirred or carefully removed.

The phone rings, while the potatoes are cooking. During the exciting call the boiling potatoes are quickly forgotten. The result is overcooked potatoes that are completely out of shape. What helps? Quite simply: The potatoes are transformed into delicious mashed potatoes. Alternatively, it also does a potato soup with sausages.

Sometimes one gets when roasting a tough piece of meat. No matter how long the roast is cooked or baked: He wants to be not soft and tender. Here helps slicing the roast into individual pieces. If then some sauce is poured over the pieces, then takes the roast on the liquid and becomes soft.

Compared to sweet desserts helps the seasoning with lemon juice. Then the diner is perfect.

The modern office people is indeed rumoured that he has too little exercise. As soon as he has left the desk in the office, he sits again on his desk at home in order to pass the time with the PC. That this was not good in the long run for health, understood almost by itself. Therefore, many use a fitness center. But there is another way – with housework. You can certainly help to make the body has more movement.

Sweeten the unpleasant housework

Many people do their homework reluctant. But the housework can be an incentive to move more and view it as a fitness program. Quite a few people would be thrilled to pay any money for his gym. With housework are practically his gym at home. Housework can stimulate the metabolism and contribute to human health. However, it also depends on the kind of housework. Collecting of dirty laundry, to put them in the washing machine and hang in the garden and to iron later is a full fitness program. Also to clean windows and the establishment and hang curtains provide the body with appropriate motion.

Is losing weight easy

That whosoever looked on his homework as a program for physical fitness, will also have more fun. So do unpleasant chores like ironing and washing windows a lot more fun. If it also loses one or two pounds of body weight, will tackle his homework with even more fun next time. Nowhere can you playing slimming and exercising as with housework.


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