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Good planning is the best of all home improvement – 5 Tips for kitchen remodelling

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A successful kitchen remodelling, which can now be simply perform as handyman. Suggestions on how the kitchen could be designed which can be found in the print media. The best advice for home improvement , there is the passage with open eyes through life. It could be exemplary members of the kitchen of a friend, but also the kitchen of a TV soap. The most important element of a kitchen remodelling is therefore planning.

Spatial relationships and appropriateness

It is important always to pay attention to the spatial conditions of the own project. Elements that blend perfectly for a small kitchen would lose with improved space of significance. To illustrate an example. A useful little breakfast folding table for the wall, which acts in a small kitchen as a practical solution to the space problem. In a large kitchen, he gives the impression of a slightly pointless hanging on the wall board.

Another important aspect is the proper structuring of the work areas. This includes appropriate lighting, but also to keep equipment on hand. Adequate and well-placed power connections for the electrical appliances are at the forefront.

In the kitchen there must often go quickly, the cooking utensils should therefore be housed within reach. Among the useful tips also save money, are simple screw hooks. Especially with small kitchens must be presented no place. Regularly-used cooking accessories, like the pan, cutting board or spatula, simply hanging on a hook. Appropriately sizing the handyman when screwing the single hook only the actual space required, then can be incredibly accommodate that. Because now every thing has its place, even the kitchen work is easier on the hand. Even without looking, the hand reaches safely to the desired resource.

Tips for wall design in the kitchen

The wall design in the kitchen offers, in addition to the convenience, many design resources. So the room is individually unique. The personal taste of the individual can thereby unfold. The result is for example a kitchen. Of course, in the wall design can consider the expediency are placed in the foreground. Depending on the size of the room can be a good combination of the two target directions realize. The following text is intended to different, easy to implement ideas for home improvement options.

Wall designing a kitchen

Colorful accents allow to define areas visually. Care should be taken, however, that they are washable colors. The hygiene of a living or working kitchen is at least as important as their appearance. Paint the walls rather than to tiling outside of work surfaces, opens up more freedom in the design. Working in common areas with muted colors, these areas makes cozy. In the context of the work surfaces, the color should be bright. The reflection of light from the wall thus provides for better illumination of the working surfaces. Where it matters, indirect lighting can affect atmospheric and still allow safe working.

Hang kitchen utensils at hand on the wall

hang Neatly arranged pans to hand on the wall, saving storage space in the closets. In addition to faster usability frequently used cookware workspace acts inhabited it and not sterile. Put the device should however against tiles. Only then the wall can always keep clean guaranteed. The suspended cabinets an inserted open shelf fans the big picture. It can be decorated as eye catcher and so make it appear cozier space. Alternatively, it can be a historic kitchen appliance, hung on the wall, the focal point of a kitchen.

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