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Great decorating ideas for a modern living room

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The living room is in many homes the most important room. Regardless of whether you want to spend a cozy evening of TV or regularly invites visitors, the room must be the different requirements and still remain comfortable. It set up exactly consistent, however, is not such a simple matter. However, with a few helpful tips to the solution is much closer and those who invest some time, will soon be able to create his very own oasis.

With traditions break

A modern living room can be realized in many different ways today. One should, however, also not afraid to break with old traditions. The classic wall unit is, for example, a piece of furniture that nowadays is increasingly rare to find in modern living rooms. Instead large living walls are now more smaller individual elements in trend. These can be combined in an individual way and give the room as a personal touch. Alternatively, it is also possible the wall completely indemnifies and instead to use the bookcase as a room divider. Just open shelves lend themselves excellently and divide the space into two areas. This is useful, for example, always on when next to the couch corner and a dining area in the living room should be available.

With the color design of the walls, it is advisable also to break with the tradition of the classic white. Color is an important design element and can enter the living room its own special flavor. It must not be painted in bright colors forcibly any wall. A single highlight may already have reached much. However, you should still look for when choosing bright colors. This will give the room a friendly tone and also make him look bigger. Dark walls act against it cramped and gloomy.

The sofa as a central point

Seats must in every living room, where especially the sofa is an important piece of furniture. Currently particularly sofas delight with multiple features great popularity. Especially in small apartments, a modern sofa are converted by a few handles to a sleeping or generally serve as additional storage space. Interesting is the sofa theme also that it does not have to be provided compulsorily to the wall of the living room. With freestanding sofas you can wonderfully center create the room, which also includes chair, rug and coffee table belong. Just the carpet plays an important role when it comes to space center. So it does not always have a large central carpet that is laid in the living room. By selectively placed smaller carpets can often be some great highlights put in space. In addition, several smaller rugs bring with it the advantage that you get a few more design options. It is possible to test different combinations until you find the optimum combination for the living room.

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