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Grilling at summer

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The days are getting longer and temperatures rise in the thermometer. From the garden of the neighbours delicate smoke clouds rising. The seductive aroma of delicacies from the meat counter is becoming clearer and caused a hungry rumbling in the stomach. The barbecue season has begun.

A tasty journey into the past

The BBQ has a tradition of more than 400,000 years. It is a journey through time in the field of food preparation. Meat, vegetables and fish cooked in original way over an open fire. Authentic can not be cooking. Today is mostly grilled with charcoal or briquettes. For something a bit more exotic, used pressed coconut shells. These are characterized by a very good heating value. Certainly, there are also practical electric grill, but true barbecue friends they disdain due to the lack of smoke flavour.

Grilling meat to be learned

Thus, the meat tastes good, the grill must not be too hot. To help even the rust can be hung in a higher level. Check allows the heat, by the hand is held about twelve centimetres above the grill. Does it need to be pulled away after just one to two seconds, the grill is too hot. Can the hand linger about five seconds, it can be considered from a medium heat. To reduce the heat, the coal can be pushed apart. When the meat is brown after a few minutes over medium heat on both sides, it should be covered with aluminium foil on a plate to rest two to five minutes. This procedure may speak against the growling stomach, however, improves the taste. The meat juices running so not out already with the first incision.

Special treatment for treasures from the sea

Oily fish, which include herring, salmon and mackerel include, taste also very good grilled – if the matching barbecue recipes has to and pay attention to some important points. Shrimp and other crustaceans may however only be placed with its bowl on the hot grate. The cooking time for these delicacies is only two to three minutes. If lobster and crayfish served, these treasures should be as usual prepared in the kitchen. Then only the tank for a minute or two is placed on the grill. Following the meat is added to the grilled tanks. So it can absorb the delicate smoke flavourings.

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