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High-quality espresso Coffee and iron machines in household

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Long ago the Good morning coffee no longer comes from the normal filter coffee machine, but of high quality espresso machines. At the latest, when the first coffee is tasted, the taste buds are satisfied. An espresso from the bag tastes not as good as that in espresso machines. Of course, good machines come at a price, but at the price of the small strong stimulant, purchasing in the long run pays out. Depending on the version, in addition to the espresso and the latte macchiato and the popular Cellini Cafe be enjoyed. In order to obtain a good espresso, the water must be pressed under high pressure through the ground coffee. Here, the machine should bring a minimum pressure of ten bar.

The small café for home

Espresso machines are usually very easy to use. A machine prepares per lever pressure and a good strong espresso coffee, like those found in Italian bars. But for home these machines are perfectly suited to smaller dimensions. An automatic coffee machine prepares equal to several versions of the popular types of coffee, but it is somewhat more complicated to maintain. Again decalcification is from time to time necessary, but this is applied to all coffee machines. Manufacturer of espresso machines there are now many. Not the most expensive machine must also be the best, is absolutely essential. However, it should be clear in advance already, whether it should be only the strong coffee or indeed the popular other variants.

A good machine will replace the normal coffee. Another advantage, if only a little coffee is drunk, a whole pot to be cooked is not equal. The coffee is always best and tastes fantastic.

Quick and easy to descale the iron

Just on dark clothing one sees the horror quickly: White spots on crumpled clothes. But what sounds like a part of the dirty laundry, just lying on the ironing board. It quickly becomes clear where the problem lies. Is the iron calcified, it may no longer work properly and spits when steaming ugly, white crumbs from. Since only helps the descaling the loyal household helper.

Finding the right agent

The selection of agents for descaling of iron is great and everyone can decide what works in his opinion for yourself. Commercially numerous professional machines are available, based on citric acid or similar aggressive substances. But even in the household, there are various means by which the lime can fight well and cheaply. Two tablespoons of citric acid from the food shelf or vinegar are mixed with a glass of water and give a first-class scale remover.

The correct descaling the iron

The first thing to the water tank of the iron emptied. These can be either steam or empty simply tilt down the sink. The other steps should be done over the sink as water, heat and dirt will emerge on the iron and can be easily washed down after cleaning. Thereafter, the cleaning liquid of choice can be filled into the water hole and the iron is heated to the highest level. If the small household helper heated are proposed, so that the cleaning liquid can penetrate into the tubing system and the nozzles of the equipment, a few bursts of steam. The spray of fresh water should be used. Following this, the device can be turned off and turned off so that the cleaner can act vigorously.

After a few minutes the iron is reheated and submitted again a few puffs from the respective nozzles, so that the dissolved dirt and lime scale can be ejected. Then the iron is left again to rest for a few minutes before re chuffs be specified. Here, the ejection of the device should be observed, since the procedure should be repeated as long until no more dirt and lime scale deposits emerge from the iron. Following this, the water tank is emptied and filled with clear, at best, distilled or special strap water and the inner workings repeatedly liberated with strong Chuffs from residues of the cleaner. Some even include a feature that automatically take over the descaling after pouring a cleaning liquid.

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