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LED technology: lights and lamps of today

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LED lights are nowadays with an efficiency of over 100 lm / W. This represents a saving of over 90% compared to an incandescent lamp. Further advantages in addition to the savings effect is mainly the longer life and the low or virtually non-existent fire hazard. These properties make the LED lamp at a particularly progressive bulbs. In short, the light bulb has served during the lamp LED corresponds to the zeitgeist as part of energy saving.

Another thing, which is addressed by the use of LED lights, to protect the environment. The environmental performance and the lack of Quick silver contained in energy-saving lamps allows the consumer an environmentally friendly disposal. In addition, a further advantage of the LED lamp: a delay as in the energy saving lamp does not exist.

LED lamps for different bases and frames

LED lamps of various wattages are now available with different sockets and sockets so that virtually any lamp can be used with a matching LED lamps. So there are LED lamps with E14 and E27 sockets for 230V mains voltage with which classic light bulbs can be replaced in pear or candle shape. Even for classic neon lights / fluorescent with G13 (T8) socket, LED technology has energy saving alternatives found. LED tubes – need no ballasts and starters. The energy consumption is significantly lower than in the traditional neon lights and disposal can be easily done via household waste.

Modern design lights with LED technology

Even the creators of modern design lamps have discovered the LED technology itself. The selection of diverse products speaks for itself. Contemporary pendant lamps, innovative table lamps and reading lamp are only a small part of it. Provider of modern design lamps must not be long sought. The ability to bring the energy-saving effect and the environmentally friendly aspect of the LED light with the creativity of modern design lighting under a hat is definitely given. Another advantage is that because of the low heat build minimal installation depths are possible, which in turn enable innovative architectural concepts about with built-in furniture.


For lighting today offers the LED technology with LED lamps and LED lights, the most advanced technology available on the market.

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