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Smoke detectors attach made ​​easy

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Only about 60 percent of households are equipped with smoke detectors – this in an international comparison quite small number is also due to the legal situation. Although smoke alarms save as an effective and cost-effective devices about 500 people a year life, is present in only 10 states a legal assembly required. More expert tips and descriptions of different types of fire alarm can be found on the internet.

What you should consider when mounting the smoke detector

A classic smoke detector detects by a light sensor small smoke particles inside the housing, whereupon the known shrill alarm is triggered. Thus, the smoke detection can be carried out quickly, a few principles should be taken into consideration when installing the equipment:

The detectors must be mounted on the ceiling, keeping a minimum distance of 50 centimetres from walls, sloping ceilings or other objects! Thus, the normal airflow is not disturbed to the detector, is also advised to avoid placement in close proximity to windows, air ducts or fans!

In order to check the functionality of the smoke detector and replace the batteries if the need arises, experts generally recommend the application to easily accessible locations that can be achieved with a chair or a ladder.

The alternatives in kitchen and bathroom

The natural smoke in the kitchen and the high humidity in the bathroom, the smoke detector described above is not applicable in these rooms. However, to ensure the best protection against fire here, you should heat – recourse or fire detectors. While the former detects an abnormally fast heat, register latter an increased concentration of the combustion gas carbon monoxide.

In multi-storey residential buildings, also offer wireless networked systems that detect the fire in one part of the house and transmit the signal immediately to the other units. So is a nationwide alert guaranteed!

Since it is precisely in modern residential area, the separation between the living room and kitchen is becoming increasingly blurred, creates a right to design technically convincing devices. this is all known from the coffee machine, which has long been convinced besides functionality as chic home accessories. Stylish capsule holder which can be mounted on the wall, offer not only space but are rather a decorative element. Even with the comparatively large kitchen appliances such as a dishwasher or oven, attention is paid to design in addition to the emphasis on energy efficiency. So new stove forms do without buttons or switches and with only a display, with which everything can be controlled. The pots can be moved, since the hearth area can automatically detect what is where.

Standard equipment in the household had to convince always been mainly through its technology and application manner. The latest generation, however, know its exclusive design convince, which should also improve the status in all gift lists.

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