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What temperature is best for the dishwasher?

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Modern dishwashers are distinguished by their impressive and moreover very diverse technologies. I as demanding consumers benefit from these devices so in a quite considerable extent. But conversely, I ask myself the question, what temperature is ever the right one for my device. Finally, I want it that my dishwasher is retained as long as possible. Questions, questions – and here are my answers:

When I look around at the authorized dealers so, I realize that there is not only hot and cold wash programs, but the modern vehicles are also equipped with Bio programme, eco-programs, intensive programs, early programs et cetera. Even special glass programs – to have, so I being too wonder how so much technology at all is good for my device – depending on the provider.

The lower the temperatures in the individual rinsing processes, the more I run the risk that the bacteria are not killed during flushing in full screen. Admittedly, I can not get every day a “charge” dishes in my “household helper” to leave, so that the leftovers can certainly take two or three days to herself flush. They were there when you look at it closely, excellent opportunities to grow and flourish. Therefore, I use rarely the 40 degree program, but I’m going to just “all the stops”. At least 60 or 65 degrees must be. But of course I am also aware that the a “bit” is more work for my dishwasher. With the consequence that the energy consumption is also higher when the temperature rises. The more a device must make consequently, more likely to wear out certain parts. Certainly, this process takes at higher quality devices quite a few years, but better safe than sorry.

Looking ahead, rinse – and relieve the unit

Do I use my dishwasher regularly on low temperature, the entire engine is therefore “demanded” only conditionally, is certainly also the risk that no longer fully functional are sooner or later certain components. A good alternative is beyond the automatic program that “the possibility” my machine without great “press” deliver adequate performance and etc. to clean the dishes, pots, pans at moderate temperatures.

Incidentally, I’m a fan of cleaning programs. Although this device runs on rather low temperatures, but the cleaning staff that I use for carrying his rest help to extend the life of my dishwasher.

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