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When buying a washing machine should be considered especially in the follow-up costs

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The washing machine is probably one of the electrical equipment that is lacking in every household and in many families with children sometimes get used every day. Therefore, reliability and durability are desirable, but in times of rising energy costs, especially the follow-up costs in the form of electricity and water costs are considered. Is broken a machine, so usually needs fast replacement ago: Many are based only on the best rate, but this should be avoided. The trend is clearly towards energy efficient appliances.

It may be that the purchase price was slightly higher turns, but in the long run can only save with such a machine, as it consumes less electricity and water per wash and can therefore be at the end of each year find a lower cost to the electricity and water bills , When buying a new washing machine so care should be taken in any case on the energy efficiency class (is the current consumption) as well as on the water consumption per wash.

Many modern energy-efficient washing machines include built energy-saving programs. It is generally advisable, (usually 5-6 kg) to perform only full loads, since this leads to full efficiency. A modern machine works with the so-called fuzzy logic ‘, ie the machine detects how much charge is to wash and correspondingly less water is optionally supplied. To save energy recommended half load the short wash. On Cottons should be abandoned entirely, especially since many detergents to clean at low temperatures (20 degrees) are now aligned. In any case, the laundry is clean, it is important to utilize the functionality of modern machine-aware and energy-saving.

By comparison, a modern energy efficient washing machine has a power consumption of 0.85 kWh (at 60 degrees) and a water consumption of 40 liters. An older machine from the 90s, however, has an average power consumption of 1.5 kWh with a water consumption of 100 liters. The energy savings potential is enormous.

Modern, energy-saving devices have the class A, particularly energy-saving equipment, the class A + or A ++. The Spin Class shows how wet the laundry after spinning still. The better the grade, the drier the laundry and you may also saves even more energy costs for a dryer. Class A achieved the best tumbling action.

Depending on the hardness of the water in the region is to give to decalcification night, to avoid possible long-term sequelae. Notes on hardness of the water depending on the region can now be found on almost all detergent packages or on the Internet.

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