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Which heating system for the home?

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Deciding which heating system is to be installed in a new building or during a rebuild is mostly dependent on various factors. not only such as energy efficiency play for the homeowner as a rule, a role, but also the financial viability of the investment and the payback.

Which heating system is the right one?

Made for the fuel gas, oil, wood and pellet standardized heating systems on the market, all of which are consistently mature and offer a high operating comfort.

A heating system that is fuelled with wood, has, due to the format of the fuel, a higher operation expenses. For wood heating works absolutely sustainable. The renewable raw material wood is processed in any way and thus further comprises before the lowest CO2 emissions. Modern burners ensure that the wood almost completely burned and hardly remains ash. But even this can be found in the garden as fertilizer use readily.

A pellet is similarly well in sustainability, but additional energy is expended for the production of pellets, increasing the total CO2 emissions slightly. For a heating system with pellets is as comfortable as oil or gas, because the small pellets are fed from sawdust by a screw conveyor to the burner.

Oil heaters are currently still the most inexpensive equipment, but the oil price continues to rise and oil happens to be a raw material, which actually has become too good for burning.

Gas heating systems are similar to that oil heaters. Although the price of gas itself is actually slightly lower than that of oil, but it is only a matter of time, put up even when gas prices sharply.

A combination is the perfect way

In a new building, the ideal heating system could be a system from a pellet and a solar system. Perhaps a heat pump to. However, it is a matter of cost calculation. The devices should actually expect before you need to be renewed. But there are still subsidies from federal and state governments for the incorporation of sustainable investments. This funding should not pass up the house builders.

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