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Home Beauty at home: It’s that easy!

Beauty at home: It’s that easy!


Body scrub, nail polish and curling iron: For a relaxing beauty program you do not need a beautician, make it at home by yourself. All you need is a little time and the right styling and care products!

Pampering moments in everyday stress are often scarce. Since there is a job, home and children – three components to ensure that each day passes in flight. Nevertheless, or precisely why, you should take a break every now and then.  Take time for a bath, time for manicure and pedicure, time for serious styling. You deserved it!

Beauty program home – take a hot bath!

The best start in your beauty program is a hot bath or a nice hot shower. Because hot water makes your skin soft and prepares it perfectly for exfoliate before. No cream and need one? Then mix it yourself one. All you need is a little oil and granulated sugar. Or – if you prefer a coarser scrub – Access to the sea salt. In a bowl or a glass mix until the desired consistency is achieved.

Tip: After the scrub, you should apply the cream your body correctly. Only this way your skin will stretch and you will feel good.

Styling with hair dryers, straighteners and curling tongs

Wash your hair as usual, leave hair rinse or conditioner but this time a little longer to act. Five minutes should be enough. Then use the care materials specially recommended to your hair. If you rinse the care, close the shampoo from a cast cold water, so that the hair shines especially beautifully.

Let the hair dry now some and only use the hair dryer. The shorter you blow-dry, the better for your hair. And do not forget to apply heat protection. If you have a hair dryer with cool air, then it’s perfect.

We continue now with straighteners or curling irons – depending on whether you would like to have a silky sheen straight hair or jumping angel curls. Important: Make even with straighteners and curling irons and quality made products.

So what are you waiting for? Turn your bathroom into a small beauty salon and enjoy your personal beauty program.