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Color-Time! Your refrigerator is red


A refrigerator is more than a household appliance for cooling food. Also, for those who want a loan refrigerator , this is a design object and status symbol. Show me your fridge and I’ll tell you who you are. It is an eye-catcher in each WG. A flashy color on it? Why not?

The refrigerator is an all-rounder

If the appearance fits, the fridge is already an eye in the WG. The latest features and technologies may not be missing, however. New refrigerators bring many special functions, such as the crisper drawers. Fruits and vegetables remain fresh for a long time and you can also regulate the humidity. This technology preserves vitamins in the ailments. 

Bring more color into your life

A refrigerator is more than a household appliance. A refrigerator is a status symbol. The more individual the better. Each appartments needs a matching refrigerator.

How should I defrost my refrigerator

But in order to save electricity, you have to also ran itself: The refrigerator must be defrosted at least once a year. The ice in the freezer is day by day getting fatter – and the cost of electricity by getting higher. Who the refrigerator has defrosted, should now take advantage of the cold season! What is also to do so that the kitchen is not after defrosting under water and many other experiences.

Why you have to defrost his refrigerator

What is us on a refrigerator particularly important? Two of these points are obvious: A low energy consumption and of course full power. However, the ice in the freezer compartment is from day to day slightly thicker. At the same time the energy consumption increases. To preserve the features, you have to refrigerate one Defrost or twice a year. Yes, it is annoying, but the stress is worth it: The refrigerator will live longer and the power consumption is kept within limits.

Defrost refrigerator safe

Before the refrigerator can be defrosted, it must first be turned off. Excluding him, the thermostat at a higher cooling capacity tries to respond to the heat and it could lead to overheating. The food should you in the meantime, on the balcony, the terrace or the cold basement outsource when temperatures allow that. If you know exactly when you want to defrost the refrigerator: you freeze in time but one a few ice packs. The food should be now supplied. Then you should let the off refrigerator are open.

Fridge only

Have you rented a refrigerator without a freezer, defrosting using a hair dryer can be accelerated. Eighth, make sure that the hair dryer is always out of the refrigerator. If water drips into the hair, is known to absolute death. In order not to get too much water on the floor, you should previously a baking sheet or the like put on the refrigerator bottom so that water can be collected.

Refrigerator with freezer

When fridge freezer please forego the aid of a heat gun. The freezer will overheat. The solution provides a simple fan: He blows warm room air into the freezer. A well-known and proven alternative to the fan provides the pot with boiling water. It is simply placed on the grid in the freezer and the freezer door is closed. The heat taken effect. Lege previously please cloths so that not too much water comes into contact with the floor.

After defrosting the refrigerator must be cleaned

Finally, you should thoroughly clean the refrigerator. For when he is otherwise so empty? A gentle dishwashing enough already. Water mixed vinegar is alternatively an all-purpose tool that can help against unpleasant smells of the refrigerator. Another tip: The empty freezer with a very thin layer and sprinkle olive oil. The ice can not easily attach themselves in this way and builds more slowly.

Defrosting refrigerator made easy

We hope that you could help these tips. It does not take long and the refrigerator is defrosted. You save money and your refrigerator lives the longer.

Good luck during defrosting!

Very often we get questions about the operation of the refrigerator in unheated rooms – especially by consumers who are limited in the choice of. Here can be found in the vastness of the Internet a lot of false information on this topic. To bring clarity to the matter, we have compiled this information for you.

Before we look at how refrigerators in detail, it should be noted that in any instruction manual information is available for its use. It is intended for the cooling of food under domestic conditions. This means that in addition to the room temperature and safety regulations for electrical and fire protection must be in enclosed spaces. All other types of use are not permitted and can damage the unit. The climate class pretends temperature range in which a refrigerator can be used. In the technical description the climate class of the refrigerator is always mentioned that specifies the range of ambient temperature at which it can be used.

There are four climate classes:

  • SN – Subnormal. For rooms with a temperature range of +10 ° C to +32 ° C.
  • N – Normal. Suitable for use at temperatures of +16 ° C to +32 ° C.
  • ST – Subtropical. For tropical climate with temperatures ranging from +16 ° C to +38 ° C.
  • T – Tropical. Intended for use in tropical climate with a temperature range of +16 ° C to +43 ° C.

If the likelihood that the air temperature in the room could fall below the minimum value specified for the climate class, another place of installation for the refrigerator should be chosen better. Failure to follow this rule may result in a malfunction of the device and a reduction of its service life. At low temperatures, namely the thickness of the oil in the compressor increases – as a result, the lubrication of the friction members and accordingly it comes to rapid wear of the mechanism deteriorates. When using a refrigerator with only one cooling circuit in an unheated room a malfunction of the freezing may occur. In such a device a change in temperature moves in the freezer in a commensurate change in the freezer to be. For this purpose, only a single sensor is used, which is installed in the refrigerating compartment. And if, for example, in the room the same temperature prevails as in the freezer, the electronics starts the compressor for cooling is not so that the freezer defrost begins slowly, which in turn inevitably leads to a loss of quality of the food.