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Materials and tools required for installation Metal Roofing


A nail bag cloth that you can wear in which you put the screws while working made. ; Metal Roof Installation Instructions; Begin by finding out how much metal roofing material you need. This can by measuring your roof height and then be done any number of additional length of the nose like to feel somewhere between 2-4 inches standard. ; You also need the length of the roof and the height on both sides in the amount of metal edging you need determine to measure. ;

The roof can be measured by the slope factor method and the roof method. You can measure moldings by total length, while square measurement for shingles is used. During the measurement, including about 3-6 cm space to enough space to ensure air flow between each layer. ; There are basically two types of metal roofing, which are suitable for installation on residential buildings: one is the R-panel metal roof that in panel types of films that has come with high ridges. You need 5/16 inch screws to install it. The second type is like the V-crimp roofing, which are no longer referred to the use of lap screws for installation, and are therefore the easiest to install. , Before installing new roofing, it is recommended to remove the old shingles. You can download a roofing shovel or a pitchfork to snatch Composite shingles.

You can then provide a basis for the new roofing by spreading spread roofing felt or tar paper £ 30. ; If you have only a single layer of shingles on the roof, you can batten board as a base. These are pine boards used for building, measuring 1 by 4 inches, which can be fixed in recent roofing using the 3-inch screws. This should be laid lengthwise, every two meters, starting from the bottom up to the top. The new metal roof then can be fixed on these boards. ; Once you have the base ready, you can start installing the metal roof. These can be nailed with 1 ¼-inch roofing nails. ; If the metal roofing sheets are more than 12 meters long, you need to take the help of another person to get on the roof. If it is less than the measure, is all you need to do, they lean against the side of the building, and pull it out as needed. You need the foil from the top instead of the bottom, for a part of the roof, as explained. Take a single sheet. Then on the ¼-inch wood screws made of metal fix the roofing into the wooden slats or bolt down a straight line chalk over the length of every two feet. These are called leaders act be fixed, at a distance of two feet on both sides since wood screws.

The exception is for the first sheet, for which you need to fix the screws in the middle and the inner edge, at a distance of two feet. You do not need in the outer edge of the metal edging, since you are trim fixing edges are.  The next sheet overlapping the first sheet. If a crimp V is used, then a single crimp or inclination of the upper plate will overlap the lower sheet Crimp. If there is an R-panel, one lip or ridge overlap a ridge of the sheet that has been in fixed with screws.  Repeat this process all the way across the roof until you left with a last sheet. You need to measure the extra space left that goes over the edge of the roof on the last sheet. Then cut down all the way along this line using the snips. Then fix in the last sheet.  Then repeat the process on the other side of the building. ; After all the leaves on both sides of the building are placed you need in 5/16 lap screws fix if R-panels are used, which are set at a distance of every four feet, at the site consists of two overlapping metal sheets. ; Then has to install the metal trim, covering roof’s sides along the edge and the ridge or top peak of the roof. This will be in the middle so that it can be bent is notched over the roof of the ridge. The metal applications are fixed at a distance of two feet with the ¼-inch metal wood screws. Closures have also even if R-panel is used on. These are made of foam, be made available in 3-foot lengths and are designed according to the holes of the R-panel. This must be pushed into the openings along the edge of the roof to animals and birds get inside prevent the burrs. The closures come with glue on their bottom side, which seal when they are stick and self into it; Next, the bottom of the sheets can be screwed down.

If V-crimp roofing is used, since no foam closures are concerned, they can be screwed down the bottom while the sheets are being installed. ; Then, the ridge will have to do. If R-panels are used, they come with foam closures just like the bottom closures, the only difference being that they are used to fill in the gaps on the upper side of the leaves. Therefore, these must be placed at the edge on top of the sheets, so that the gaps are filled. Then screw the special metal comb on the back with standard 5/16-inch metal lap screws were either for the V-crimp or R-panel, at the peak of the R occurs in the R-panel sheet. Such information must be a distance of two feet on wither the ridge. ; If V-crimp roofing material is used, the ¼-inch metal wood screws must be used on both sides of the V, to a climax, although not at the highest point. Again, these fixed at a distance of two feet on both sides. There, with this you are done with installing your metal roofing, and you can sit back and enjoy the handmade.